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What is a micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is the implantation of pigment into the skin using a needle. It is used for temporary coloring of the places subjected to the treatment for a specific color. Micropigmentation has a wide range of applications.

The idea of ​permanent make-up

Permanent makeup should emphasize beauty in a natural way. Gently made reduces the risk of discoloration and complications, while giving the opportunity to completely abandon it in the future.

Katarzyna Sawera

International vice-champion of permanent make up in 2016 ( International PMU Masters Style), polish vice-champion in 2015 (Beauty Fairs). Qualified to the group of the best permanent makeup artists in the world by Microblading&PMU World Association (2017r.), licensed permanent makeup artist of the company Long-Time-Liner, been performing permanent makeup since few years now, specialized in correction of old, unsuccessful procedures.

  • LIPS
  • EYES
brows (any technique)
1200 zł *
renewal of the eyebrows
600 - 800 zł **
Lips (any technique)
1400 zł *
renewal lips
800 - 1000 zł **
eyelash line
500 zł *
350 zł **
thick line, eyeliner
650 – 850 zł *
450zł - 650 zł **
butterfly line
1000 zł *
700 zł **
lower lash line
400 zł *
250 zł **
Permanent medical makeup
individual valuation

* The price includes a correction within 4-6 weeks of the first treatment.

** Regardless of the passage of time. Refreshing includes only treatments done in my office


  • „Katie You are the best! I am a very sensitive person but Katherine performed in such a gentle way that I felt nothing! Champion in every meaning of that word. She matched the color perfectly ( I myself did not know what i wanted) and emphasized beautifully the shape of my lips. I will recommend it to everyone!” Emilia Wojnicka
  • „I had to wait a long time for a date of the procedure and I hesitated till very end. I don’t regret tattooing my brows and the lips are healing good. Truly professional color and technique matching. The procedure itself was bearable, I thought it was going to be a lot worst. I am glad that I got into such good hands” Dagmara Liman
  • „Mrs Katherine is a professional worth recommending. Nice, kind and very precise. Time pleasantly spent in her of ice will surely result with me coming back there :)” Anna Sawczyn
al. Papieża Jana Pawła II 16
70-445 Szczecin
Call now
+48 791 470 220