Recommendations before procedure

Important information before performing permanent makeup.

Contraindications to the procedure

Before you decide to do a permanent makeup, make sure that you do not have the following contraindications for the procedure.


Viral and bacterial infections are an absolute contraindication for permanent makeup. If you have a cold, flu or other illness, as well as active herpes - heal yourself and plan your treatment on a different date. We should be in a good health when attending the procedure.


Many women wonder if they can do permanent makeup during pregnancy. Well, the pregnancy is an absolute contraindication to the procedure for many reasons. The most important of these is the health and safety of the child. During the procedure there are used anesthetic preparations and dyes that do not have to, but may affect the fetus' safety.

Breastfeeding period

During breastfeeding, no permanent make-up is performed, e.g. due to the high level of hormones that hinder the application of pigment as well as healing. A particular contraindication is also an antiviral drug that must be taken before the lips make-up. These drugs are not recommended during breastfeeding. You are the mother of a baby that you feed with your milk, first of all take care of its safety, and the procedure of permanent make-up should be moved in time (2 months after lactation).


Diabetes is a disease that does not exclude permanent make-up, but the conditions that must be met before the procedure are more strict. Due to the greater tendency to infection and impaired wound healing among diabetic patients, we perform the procedure only after prior consultation with a doctor. The treatment can be performed only when the patient receives a positive opinion from the doctor and will secure his organism against infections with the appropriate medications.


Cancer, like diabetes, does not exclude the possibility of permanent make-up. Among the people who have undergone chemotherapy, we do perform eyebrow and eye make-up, which allows to hide the effects of chemotherapy. To perform the procedure of permanent make-up on a patient he/she must have a positive doctor's opinion and good blood tests results. The procedure can not be performed at low leukocyte levels. Only when the patient's condition is better the procedure can be performed safely. Permanent makeup improves the appearance of the patient after chemotherapy and can also give more motivation to fight the disease. However, it should be remembered that during chemotherapy treatment patients are more susceptible to infection, worse healing and the possibility of weaker dye intake into the skin.

Blood thinning medicaments

Do you permanently take blood thinners? You need to know that your blood vessels are more fragile and the tendency to bleed is greater. During the procedure, it may be easier to experience small bleedings caused by the blood thinners. Inform the permanent makeup artist about the medicaments that you are taking so that she can decide which technique to choose to perform the permanent make- up procedure or to decide whether performing it is possible at all.


The external and internal use of steroid medications is an absolute contraindication for doing permanent makeup. If you have used a steroid ointment in the place of pigmentation (lips, eyes, eyebrows, body spots subjected to medical pigmentation) then you have to wait at least 6 up to 12 months before you undergo the procedure. The epidermis after such drugs is very thin and the blood vessels are dilated. So if you care about your health and safety, be sure to inform the permanent makeup artist about medicaments that you take which contain steroids.

Nutrients for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

Do you use conditioners for the growth of eyelashes or eyebrows? Unfortunately, you can not do permanent eyebrow and eye makeup. Quit the conditioners and wait 3 up to 12 months, after this time you can safely do permanent makeup on your eyes or eyebrows.

False eyelashes

Do you wear false eyelashes? Before you sign up for a permanent make-up procedure, you have to get rid of them. False eyelashes make it impossible to perform eye permanent make-up procedure.

Freshly enlarged / filled lips

Permanent lip makeup treatment can be done only 4 weeks after filling the lips with hyaluronic acid. If you just filled your lips, wait for the advised period of time to undergo the permanent make-up procedure to avoid unflattering outcome.


Permanent makeup treatment can be performed 4 weeks after botox face injection. Botox must fully work and the facial muscles should be placed naturally . If you perform the procedure before the injections will fully work, permanent makeup performance may not be successful- it will be crooked and unsymmetrical.

Psoriasis, fish scales (ichthyosis)

Are you suffering from psoriasis or ichthyosis and the lesions are in the place of the expected pigmentation? You must know that the pigment in this place may not be accepted. The disease is not a contraindication, but it creates a possibility of unsuccessful procedure.

Eyelid surgery or face-lift

If you have performed plastic surgery: a face-lift or eyelid surgery, you can do permanent makeup after 6 up to 12 months depending on the doctor's opinion.

Fresh scars after surgery

Permanent makeup allows you to hide any scars after surgery: on the face, breast or anywhere on the body. Medical pigmentation of the scar can only take place after the scar has completely healed (approximately after 1 year).


Is tanned skin a contraindication for a permanent make-up treatment? Even if it's surprising, that's how it is. Imagine that we choose the color of the lips, eyebrows or pigment to camouflage the scar on the body according to the heavily tanned skin tone. Will it also be good after the tan comes off? Of course not! Permanent make-up procedure is performed only on natural skin to achieve the good result.

Holidays in full sun

Remember that after permanent make-up procedure, you must not tan your skin for at least 2 weeks. Have you planned a treatment just before you go on a sunny vacation? For the sake of beauty, move this treatment over time.




You should skip eyebrow regulation for about a month before the procedure, also ensure proper hydration and good skin condition.


Before permanent lash line makeup You should put aside the nutrients for eyelash growth at least 3 months before the procedure to avoid so-called “spilling pigment” on the eyelid or not getting any results at all. In the case of the planned eyelid surgery, it is best to do the make-up 6-12 months after the operation, after prior consultation with the treating physician. We come for the procedure without make-up and after the removal of false eyelashes.


Before the permanent lips makeup You should take care of their hydration. A week before the procedure it is good to moisturize them frequently with balms and a day before exfoliate them gently. If you have herpes, I recommend taking an antiviral medicine before.

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